15 Reasons Why You Feel So Overwhelmed And Angry (+ What To Do About It) (2023)

We all do. We get overwhelmed and angry for no reason.

Sometimes we just want to scream and scream, but then we feel guilty.

I know it feels like it's going to take forever. You may feel like nothing will improve your situation or make you feel better, but at the same time you wish something would change.

But the truth is that sometimes when you feel terribly overwhelmed, the reasons behind it are hard to pin down.

So are you looking for some encouragement and hope? Then here are 15 reasons why you feel overwhelmed and angry and how to deal with it.

15 Reasons Why You Feel Overwhelmed And Angry

1) You feel that you are not good enough

Have you ever felt angry and frustrated because you did or said something?

Or how about something someone else did or said?

So it's easy to feelyou're not good enough.

Maybe you feel like you don't have enough money or skills to get the job you want. Or maybe you got turned down for a job again and now you're feeling really down.

Is that sound familiar to you?

If that's the case, then it's important to remember that there are millions of other people just like you.

It's okay to feel down sometimes, andIt's okay to express anger.

But it's also okay if you want to stop feeling so depressed and angry that someone won't hire you or give you your dream job.

Why am I saying this? Well, if you feel that way, it's a sign that you don't feel good enough.

And if you don't feel good enough, things won't go well for you.

2) You live in a negative world

Let me guess: you think the world is a negative place. And maybe you even have enough evidence for it.

  • Are the people around you selfish?
  • Are they ignoring you?
  • Are they just lying to you?
  • Aren't they unfairly making money together?

I know the feeling and deep down everyone knows it.our world has become a slightly more negative placeas previously.

In our modern world, it's easy to get caught up in the media. The media always tells us that life is hard and we need to be happy all the time.

But you know what? Sometimes life is not like that. Sometimes it's okay to be sad and angry, even if the world around you is a negative place.

You probably think that people are selfish and out to get you. Or maybe you think the world is full of liars and scammers.

You may even believe that the world is full of bad things that happen to good people.

But what if I tell you that's not true?

What if I told you that everyone has their own story and everyone has their own perspective? What if I told you that sometimes it's hard because not everyone does well?

Anytime we feel like the world is a negative place, it's easy to get angry and frustrated about it. But when we start to see the positive, everything can be much better. And finally we can enjoy our lives.

It's true that you can get angry about everything you see and hear on TV, in movies, or in books.

But if you want to improve, the world has to start being a little fairer. And when things don't get fairer, that's a sign of how unfair things are in your life right now.

Good news: as soon as we understandhow unbalanced is the worldand we start to be glad that instead of getting angry about it, it's a sign that we're starting to find balance on our own. What does it mean that?

You can no longer feel angry or overwhelmed when something goes wrong.

3) They are unable to think logically about what is happening to us

What happens when things don't go well? You are angry, you yell and yell. But what happened before you exploded?

If you find that you can't even remember what made you so angry, you may not be able to think logically and rationally about the things going on around you.

If that still doesn't help, you don't just feel angry and frustrated, you also feel hopeless. Anguish means that you feel terrible and upset by everything that is happening around you. And then, when all else fails, things get crazy...

But does stress drive you crazy and make you feel terrible? Think about it!

Think about all the negative things that you feel are completely out of your control. Because? Becausethinking about our negative emotionsit is a way of dealing with them.

Believe it or not, the only true reward is freedom or peace. It's not a big job or money. They can't make traffic go faster, they can't solve homelessness and hunger, or keep our food clean and safe when there's no water or electricity; None of that is my favorite thing to do!

So when these "can't help" things happen, who else feels stressed? you and you alone

4) You are a bit surprised

Have any of us ever seen a dog we love run away from 3 or 4 people biting him?

If you could run after them and stop them, wouldn't all that awful running, throwing, and grabbing just be for fun?

It turns out that dogs do this so often, over and over again, because dogs don't know how to understand what makes them afraid.

Now you are probably wondering why I am discussing this strange example.

In fact, the way our brains are wired means that we knowhow to deal with physical threatslike hunger, bad weather, falling trees, the roof needs repair, someone stealing your things or someone blocking our way.

However, most of the physical threats we face every day are one-time events.

But what about the others?

Those in which you don't know what is happening or the consequences of an action you take.

What happens when you try to solve a problem and it doesn't help? You may feel angry, frustrated, and upset that your efforts are not working.

When your efforts don't work, then don't help! Isn't that obvious?

How long will it be before we find out? When I was in school, I had a teacher who said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."Learning is not about memorizing factsbut understand the purpose for which we are learning them.

5) You have unrealistic expectations for everything in life

15 Reasons Why You Feel So Overwhelmed And Angry (+ What To Do About It) (1)

Did you know thathave higher expectationsDoes it often lead to stress and anxiety?

In fact, psychologists prove it. Or even more. That is the exact reason why people turn to them.Mental healthsuch ordinary professionals.

But you don't want to have to deal with anxiety, do you?

Therefore, you need to reconsider your expectations.

Think about it. Is it possible to meet everyone?crazy expectations that our society has?

I personally don't think so.

Still,have higher expectationsIt is part of human nature to seek inspiration and act to achieve those goals in life. Just say no to the negative signals and do the things that make others happy.

And don't focus on those "forgotten" or embarrassing moments in roller coaster reactions, although depending on the situation, they can be seen as silly and eventually dissipate.

6) You can't handle it when people don't do what you want

Admit it.

You love telling people what to do. But you get frustrated when they don't.

Most of us have felt it. And I often feel the same way personally. Why is this happening?

The reason could be that you have trouble controlling your anger. Or maybe you are just in a bad emotional state and you project your negative emotions onto others.

In other words, do you mind if they tell you what to do?

you probably would. And you would probably get even angrier than you are right now. Because?

Because deep down you want others to do what you want them to do. And no, it's not a sign of a manipulative person, at least most of the time. But it is inherent in humans!

So listen up folks! We must learn to better listen, observe and control our aggression in this constant fight against the murderous maniacs who hurt us every minute.

The solution is simple: approach other people differently instead of trying to get in their way. Try to understand that every human being is an individual just like you.

And everyone has their own needs and preferences. No one should behave as you want.

7) You are generally in a bad mood

You can't always be in a good mood.

Can you understand that at all? I know most do, but it can't be due to body image or ongoing depression, which are two other causes.negative feelings. The truth is that looking negatively in the mirror is exaggerating and angry.

Sometimes we are in a bad mood due to circumstances beyond our control.

It's like we're studying for hours or dealing with some family drama.

So how do you deal with those things? Try not to think of life as "one big test." The best things to do when you're in a bad mood are mindful breathing, grounding exercises, and yoga.

8) You are exhausted

Just stop and ask yourself: When was the last time you had a good night's sleep?

A week ago? A month before? Or maybe you can't even remember.

Believe it or not, it is related to your anger. When you are exhausted, you experience stress and believe that you will never be able to cope with your daily tasks. And that can even lead to burnout (what should you prevent).

Even if you get over it, what's the point? All you have accomplished is beating yourself up with fatigue and frustration.

Does it sound familiar to you?

And what is the result of that? The short answer is that someone does things because they feel lazy and listless instead of achieving goals and taking actions that could change their life.

Subconsciously, you want to be able to "pretend to believe in yourself" that anything can miraculously happen.

However, you already know what to do. Good night!

9) You can't keep track of time

It takes all your willpower to do your basic tasks, but some days a super, supernatural "shutdown reflex" kicks in.

No one says things like, "Hey, you're wasting your time for the next 100 years!" But after all, it goes a long time without needing attention, making you feel like you've wasted your time.

You don't remember how long it takes you to create a YouTube video, how long it takes you to write a few paragraphs or how long it takes you to shower in the morning. 25 minutes before you leave home so you can save just the right amount of energy to get into your workplace?

This should be something on your daily schedule!! For the rest, do you remember how teenagers usually behave? They lose track of time in their free time and feel embarrassed when friends walk in while they are playing video games at home all day.

Why does it have to be so hard for us? It wouldn't be if we just woke up and left like everyone else!

10) Everything is urgent and begins to consume your life

You are always in a hurry. You wake up, rush through your morning routine, and fill your stomach with rushed paste to fuel your body.

After that, before you know what happened, you're running out the door and heading to work in slow traffic.

It seems like every second counts, even minutes count, like during breaks on public transportation or at your workplace.

And guess what?

At the end of the day,you are so overwhelmedand mad because you don't even know why you're mad or who you're mad at.

The simple truth is that you are wasting your time waiting for bread to be toasted at a nearby bakery instead of enjoying fresh dough. you understand that, don't you?

Then you'll love this tip: Don't let anything consume your life. As urgent as it may seem, you shouldn't let anything get in your way if you want to get ahead.

11) You are unable to think logically about what is happening

15 Reasons Why You Feel So Overwhelmed And Angry (+ What To Do About It) (2)

Have you ever been home and suddenly decided to go to the grocery store and gave yourself that half hour before you got tired of reading the old newspapers or the latest issue?new scientist?

But most opportunities always seem to come too slowly, along with restlessness about all the things that have been happening so frequently lately that it's slowly going through your mind in all directions.

You take one more step and you are already in his potential safety zone.

Reality: Worrying about everything doesn't get us what we want, and when it does, we worry more.

Instead, you should take a deep breath andtry to be more reasonable. And once he's figured it all out, he'll likely feel less overwhelmed and much happier.

12) You feel depressed because of something that happened in the past

Maybe someone hurt you and now you're angry about it for no reason.

Or maybe something happened in your past and now you are angry about it for no reason.

If that's the case, think about how much better life feels when you stop getting upset or upset about things.

If you're feeling down about something that happened in the past, try to imagine what it would have been like if it hadn't happened.

For example: when someone died or when you were not born.

Try to imagine your life without this person and how you would have been different if it hadn't happened.

You would have been different and you could have had a different life.

But then again, you may not have had such a person in your life.

13) You feel that nobody understands your problems

You may find it difficult to accept the fact that most people don't really care about what happens in your life. And sometimes you feel like itnobody likes you.

But you are wrong.

The truth is, most of the people in your life care deeply about what's going on in your life and will go out of their way to help you if they can, even if it means scolding you or just not for a while to talk to them. .

The people you really care about will understand you and try to help you if they can.

If you don't believe me, ask her.

14) You are always nervous about what is happening around you

Let me guess: you are a very sensitive person and can easily get hurt by little things.

You can't stand the thought of something happening to someone else, or you just feel like there's a chance something could happen and it may seem like you're overreacting or exaggerating, but it's actually not far from the truth.

In fact, there is a very good chance that it is not and that it is just something that happened over time through life experiences.

If this is the case, try to remember how much better you feel when all is well around you, no matter how big or small things are happening.

The problem arises when you let your mind wander to what-if scenarios based on all the things going on around you.

If this happens often, try to control your thoughts,Stop thinkingand try to be more rational.

15) Your brain sees everything as a threat

Are you in constant worry?

Are you always paranoid and think that something bad could happen?

Do you see everything as a threat and think that something bad could happen?

If so, don't worry because we all know it: you are in a meeting, stuck in traffic or waiting at the doctor when suddenly your blood starts to boil. You can't take it anymore!you feel trapped. And suddenly your brain perceives that negative feeling as a threat.

And you get angry

This can be a problem, but it is not always the case.

Sometimes you have to worry, but you have to be careful because it's easy to overreact.

The best way to deal with this is to learn to accept what comes your way and learn to handle situations calmly.

5 tips to control your anger

This is where I will remind you that no one is perfect.

However, if these reactions occur more often, it's time to take a closer look at your life: where are you stuck?

Here are 5 tips to make anger less overwhelming, from calming down in a difficult moment to developing healthy habits that will help prevent future flare-ups. Let's start!

1) Accept what is happening to you

15 Reasons Why You Feel So Overwhelmed And Angry (+ What To Do About It) (3)

There's no point in being mad at someone you can't control.

And it's important to realize that you can't control everything, so you have to accept that this person is doing what they're doing, and that's okay.

The key is to accept what you cannot change.

2) Look for the good in every situation

While it seems unlikely to happen again, it's hard not to get upset when someone does something mean or rude, but to step back and consider if there's something positive in the situation.

Maybe he was just having a bad day and wanted to distract himself by talking to you.

Try to look good in any situation and even if you don't see anything positive at first, don't worry because over time you'll get used to it.

3) Try not to let your mind race

Sometimes we let our mind work very hard and at the same time we think about all the things that happen around us.

But if you didn't know beforehand, it's worth nothing.

It's easy to think about what could happen, but it's not always a good idea.

try insteadfocus on the presentand see what you can do to make things better.

4) Do not try to be perfect

Did you know thatPerfectionism can damage your self-esteem? And also,perfectionismIt has the power to unleash aggression.

So don't get too bogged down in trying to be perfect because once you do, you might end up mad at yourself.

It's a good idea to try to be nice and do the right thing, but don't get too carried away.

Realize that you are not perfect and that is okay.

5) If you can, try not to let your anger get the better of you

If you feel like getting angry, try taking several deep breaths and counting to 10. Why? Because that way you can calm down and it will be easier to think more rationally about what you can do.

It's also important to realize that anger is often a symptom of other issues. So if you are not happy with something in your life, try to talk to someone about it.

However, if you can't control yourself, that's okay; just don't let your anger get the better of you.

final thoughts

Feeling overwhelmed and angry doesn't just happen to you, it happens to all of us. Our emotions can overwhelm our rational thinking and our ability to control our behavior.

But whenever you feel like this, remind yourself that it's okay to be angry. And it's also okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes.

However, don't stop to discover why you can find peace in the midst of chaos and overcome feelings of anger, overwhelm and frustration once and for all.


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