25 ways to feel better fast (2023)

25 ways to feel better fast (1)

Winter is often seen as the season of holidays and happiness. However, it's also the time of year when you're most prone to colds, holiday stress, cold-weather blues, and general irritability. If the bug bites you (in whatever form) this season, don't take it, fight back using these 25 ideas to feel better fast! (See also:Feeling trapped? 100 ways to change your life)

survive a disease

Nothing is worse in the dark winter months than getting sick. A cold only lasts an average of two weeks. Shorten the length of your illness (or just feel a little better faster) by following one of these tips.

1. Gargle with salt water

Gargling with warm salt water not only helps to quickly relieve a sore throat when you are already sick; According to a New York Times blog, it can helpFight respiratory infectionstotal. I think I'll add saltwater gargling to my own daily routine this winter to see for myself!

2. Take a hot shower

Taking a hot shower when you're feeling sick is an instant boost. Similar to a humidifier, a hot shower creates steam that can help relieve a cold or shortness of breath. Not to mention how nice it is to be wrapped up in warmth for a few minutes during the colder winter months.

3. Drink - a lot

No, non-alcoholic (sorry!); that would be counterproductive. Because your body dehydrates more easily when you're sick, it's important to drink more fluids than usual. Water, tea, lemonade, evendairy– as long as you stay hydrated; It's all fair game.

4. Eat some soup

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Who doesn't like soup when they're sick? My personal must-have is the Tomato Cheese Gratin Soup (delicious), but you might prefer a good onechicken noodles. or try thisblueberry soup recipefor sick days (tip: kidney beans can substitute for the more common kidney beans).

5. Take a day off

You know that first real day whenthinkYou have a cold? Give yourself permission to take the next day off andnoThe use is an excuse to try to do things at home. A good day of sleep and rest can help you recover much faster than trying to recover from a cold. Your colleagues and friends will also thank you.

6. Running room

Exercising when you're feeling sick may seem counterintuitive, but if you exercise regularly anyway, getting off the couch and increasing your blood flow can quickly make you feel better. How do you know if you are too sick to carry on with your normal routine? If your symptoms are primaryon the neck(as in a sinus problem), you're probably fine. However, if you have symptoms below the neck, it's probably best to wait for them to go away.

relieve your stress

Being stuck in close quarters with distant relatives for long periods of time, project deadlines, graduations, all the things that can spike your blood pressure towards the end of the year. However, don't let stress get the better of you this year; Try these techniques instead.

7. Take five minutes to breathe deeply.

When you're stressed, your breathing becomes shallow, depriving your brain of the oxygen it needs to think more clearly. If you're feeling particularly stressed, take a few minutes to do some breathing exercises. Need specific guidance onAsTake a deep breath? try thesebreathing techniques.

8. Routes

Like breathing, stretching increases blood flow. Feel Less Stressed Now With These Simple Exercisesyoga stretchesYou can do it on your desktop.

9. Play with a pet

If you don't have a pet, try to find one. If you are a student at George Mason University School of Law, aI could even provide you with a pet.. During final exams that year, GMU Law provided puppies for a few hours once a week to help anxious students relax. However, it's not just the GMU Act that has recognized the benefits of pet therapy; Psychologists, veterinarians, and researchers have discoveredbeneficial effects through interaction with animalsa.

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10. Scribellus

Do you know that feeling when a problem keeps plaguing you and you can't get the thought out of your head? Try to put that thought in writing, even clarify it.EraIt is what bothers you without thinking of a solution that can make you feel better.

11. Laugh out loud

The old adage that laughter is the best medicine is actually true. I have a law student who watches when the stress of exams threatens to overwhelm her.News of the dayon her laptop in the library. Hearing her laugh is really a relief.Meinstress too. don't digNews of the day? Pause to check out some of my other personal favourites:embarrassing family photos,funny or die, YThe onion.

12. Take a break

If you're stressed because you can't solve a complex problem or because you can't find the right words for your presentation at work, take a break. Psychologists have found that taking a short break from perplexing problems can help you solve them faster. This phenomenon calledincubation effect, is based on the idea that learning can occur unconsciously. So do yourself a favor and forget about your problems!

lift your spirit

If you tend to let anxiety and stress get you down, give yourself an instant boost by trying some of these mood-boosting moves.

13. Call someone you love

Taking five minutes to talk to someone you love when you're feeling down can do wonders to make you feel better quickly. Although you can only complainto make you feel worse(and making your loved one feel like a dumping ground for negativity), connecting with loved ones in general helps strengthen your social bond with that person, and research has shown thatSocializing is good for health.

14. Treat yourself to something you love

Sometimes, when it seems like nothing is going your way, you can stem the wave of doom and gloom by quitting what you're doing and indulging in something you don't normally do. For me, that includes reading a good fashion magazine. For you, that could mean soaking in a jacuzzi, watching an old movie, or drinking a good cup of coffee. Incorporating something into your day that you know you love can often do wonders for improving your overall outlook.

15. Help someone else

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You know that feeling when you help someone else? Warm and fluffy. It also gives you perspective: maybe your own problems aren't everything.HeBad, in the grand scheme of things. It also gives you something else, it turns out:better physical and mental health. So the next time you're feeling down, consider volunteering to quickly change your mood.

16. Take a walk

Just like helping others, getting out into nature can help put your problems in perspective and help you feel better quickly. And walking in the open air hasparticular benefits for physical and mental healthThis indoor exercise doesn't seem to offer.

17. Holding hands

The next time you're feeling down, hold the hand of someone you love to feel better fast. Holding hands is an act of intimacy that helps strengthen the social bonds we talked about in #13. It's not all in your head, either: Researchers have shown that simply locking your fingers didLocking fingers has positive effects.

18. Surrender

No, I'm not saying you should quit your job, your relationship, or whatever project you're working on. However, if you're feeling down because you can't meet a standard, try breaking the standard to feel better quickly. Those who often set unattainably high standards for themselves.prepare for failureand depressive feelings. So go ahead: break your standard, forgive yourself for not living up to that standard, and realign your thinking.

19. Take a power nap

I'm a big advocate of power naps to help me feel better in the middle of a bad day. I like to think of it as "resetting" a bad day and turning it into a good one. Even a 15-20 nap will do; Science has shown that this crowd has turned a blind eyepositive mood-enhancing effects.

Calm you anger

Few things can ruin a day like anger, but only if you let it. Quickly change your day using one of these guidelines.

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20. Acknowledge your anger

When you are persistently suppressing your anger (either because you fear confrontation or because you don't feel well).oughtget angry), this can lead to a big display of anger that makes you feel sorry and hurt others. Instead, make yourself feel better by quickly stopping and acknowledging your anger and defining where it's coming from, if possible. Even if you do nothing else, you will feel better.

21. Think of a solution

If you're upset with a customer service representative who won't let you return an item, you'll quickly feel better if you think of another solution. Although you may not be able to return the item, you may be able to apply for credit.sell the item on eBay, or (if it makes you feel better) tell the store you won't be shopping there anymore. Just getting angry without thinking about what would resolve your anger leads to even more frustration, and no one wins in the end.

22. Express your anger

Does everyone else find those passive-aggressive messages on the workplace fridge as annoying as I do? "Whoever used my mayonnaise yesterday, I hope they liked your sandwich because I didn't have any left." If you know who used your mayonnaise, confront them politely and directly. The same goes for any other situation where his passive-aggressive behavior could be avoided by directly expressing anger. I promise you will feel better much faster than you otherwise would.

23. Visualize a relaxing experience

Feel better quickly when you start to get angry by thinking about something else, something relaxing. Not only does it help you to force yourself to stop thinking about what makes you angry; It also helps to focus on something that calms you down. After all, who could get angry at the thought of lying on a Fijian beach?

24. Flip yourself

A lot of anger stems from judging others, which, as we all know, is a largely hypocritical activity. So next time, get mad at your spouse.NeverAs you push yourself, think about how your own shortcomings could also be upsetting or disappointing to him. We all have flaws, and getting angry with others won't make them change.

25. Do nothing

If someone really enjoys making you angry (a bad boss, an enemy, or just a mischievous person in general), take away the pleasure of watching you get angry by doing... nothing. Not only will it prevent you from doing something you'll regret, but it will also send a signal to the other person that they can't riot out of you.

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What methods do you use to feel better quickly when you are sick, stressed, depressed, or angry? Share your opinion in the comments!

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25 ways to feel better fast (4)


How do you make yourself feel good quickly? ›

11 Ways to Feel Better Every Day
  1. Seek mental health care. This is at the top of the list for a reason. ...
  2. Sleep enough. Most of us spend one-quarter to one-third of our lives asleep. ...
  3. Eat plenty of fiber. ...
  4. Go outside. ...
  5. Exercise. ...
  6. Do something creative. ...
  7. Practice a little escapism. ...
  8. Help someone.
Sep 8, 2022

How can I increase my happiness in 10 minutes? ›

Try our eight tips to get happy in 10 minutes or less.
  1. Phone a friend. You connect with friends frequently via text or social media, but when was the last time you picked up the phone to chat? ...
  2. Break routine. ...
  3. Go to a playground. ...
  4. Talk to strangers. ...
  5. Get moving, get active. ...
  6. Get baking. ...
  7. Get outside. ...
  8. Spend time with loved ones.

What are 5 things that make you happy? ›

Here are five ways you can boost your happiness on a daily basis.
  • Practice Daily Gratitude. Expressing gratitude has been shown to do more than improve your mood. ...
  • Surround Yourself with Positive People. ...
  • Do Regular Acts of Kindness. ...
  • Spend More Time with Family and Friends. ...
  • Spend Money on Experiences Instead of Things.

How can I be happy again? ›

Strategies To Help You Feel Happy Again And Live A Fulfilling Life
  1. Exercise Regularly. Exercising could be a powerful tool for improving your mood and reducing feelings of unhappiness. ...
  2. Practice Mindfulness. ...
  3. Get Enough Sleep. ...
  4. Take Care Of Your Physical Health. ...
  5. Cultivate Gratitude. ...
  6. Engage In Positive Thinking And Affirmations.
Feb 27, 2023

What is the secret to happiness? ›

Study director Dr. Waldinger says positive relationships keep us happier, healthier and help us live longer. It boils down to something researchers call social fitness, being close to others is what keeps people happy throughout their lives. And they say it's never too late to find that happiness.

How do I feel happy with myself? ›

How to Be Happy With Yourself: 6 Tips for a Happy Life
  1. Engage in physical activity. Feeling happy is a holistic practice that includes your body as well as your mind. ...
  2. Focus on others. ...
  3. Identify and analyze your negative thoughts. ...
  4. Meditate. ...
  5. Practice regular gratitude. ...
  6. Remember short-term goals.
Jun 13, 2022

What increases happiness the most? ›

Some strategies for increasing happiness in your life:

Count your blessings and practice gratitude. Take time to engage in random acts of kindness. Respond actively and constructively, celebrating when others share good news with you. Attend to others mindfully, and practice compassion and empathy.

What simple things make us happy? ›

Survey: Simple things make us happiest
  • Sleeping in a freshly-made bed.
  • Feeling the sun on your face.
  • People saying "thank you" or a random act of kindness from a stranger.
  • Finding money in unexpected places.
  • Having time to myself.
  • Laughing so hard it hurts. ...
  • Snuggling on the sofa with a loved one.
  • Freshly-made bread.

What keeps humans happy? ›

Serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that's created in the brain as well as in the intestines. Once produced, it's circulated in the blood and throughout the central nervous system. While there isn't a single answer to what chemical makes you happy, serotonin is an essential piece of the puzzle.

How can I start enjoying life more? ›

Small (and cost-free) tips on how to enjoy life
  1. Develop a gratitude attitude. Human beings have a bias toward negativity. ...
  2. Find a reason to laugh. ...
  3. Take a nap (no, seriously) ...
  4. Exercise. ...
  5. Find out what makes you tick. ...
  6. Nurture positive relationships. ...
  7. Go out and meet people. ...
  8. Create a bucket list and set goals for yourself.
Sep 9, 2022

What are the 7 keys to happiness? ›

There are 7 essential keys to happiness and success that will help to materialize both those things in your life.
  • 1 — Gratitude. ...
  • 2 — Be Present. ...
  • 3 — Manage Time Effectively. ...
  • 4 — Set SMARTER Goals. ...
  • 5 — Embody an Empowering Morning Routine. ...
  • 6 — Tackle the MITs. ...
  • 7 — Focus on Health and Wellbeing.
Mar 17, 2017

What are the three main things to be happy? ›

The Three Things We All Need for a Happy Life
  • Someone to love.
  • Something to do.
  • Something to look forward to.

What are the three things to be happy? ›

The three grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for.

How to avoid being sad? ›

What you can do
  1. Acknowledge what's happening. It is okay to not feel okay. ...
  2. Prioritize taking care of yourself. ...
  3. Be mindful of how you're feeling. ...
  4. Maintain connections with others. ...
  5. Seek help from a professional if your sadness becomes overwhelming or feels unmanageable.

How do you stay happy and positive? ›

Following are some ways to think and behave in a more positive and optimistic way:
  1. Identify areas to change. ...
  2. Check yourself. ...
  3. Be open to humor. ...
  4. Follow a healthy lifestyle. ...
  5. Surround yourself with positive people. ...
  6. Practice positive self-talk.

Why can't I stay happy? ›

However, in some cases, the inability to feel happy in spite of good circumstances could be a sign of an underlying mental health issue such as depression or anxiety. Anhedonia, which is the persistent inability to experience pleasure, could also be at play here.

How can I feel better in 30 minutes? ›

8 Ways to Feel Better in 30 Minutes
  1. Listen to a Podcast.
  2. Journal.
  3. Call a Friend.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Get lost in a novel.
  6. Do some yoga.
  7. Go for a walk.
  8. Take a bubble bath.
Sep 6, 2019

How can I feel happier and healthier in minutes? ›

How to feel happier
  1. Take a quick exercise break. ...
  2. Call a friend or family member. ...
  3. Practice your breathing or meditate. ...
  4. Grab a healthy snack. ...
  5. Plan a trip (even if you don't take it). ...
  6. Get a nap in. ...
  7. Listen to a happy song. ...
  8. Go outside.
Aug 3, 2020

What is the #1 key to happiness? ›

Contrary to what you might think, it's not career achievement, money, exercise, or a healthy diet. The most consistent finding we've learned through 85 years of study is: Positive relationships keep us happier, healthier, and help us live longer. Period.

What are the 4 keys to happiness? ›

The Big Four are friendliness, cheerfulness, compassion, and gratitude.

What is the #1 rule of happiness? ›

Rule #1 – Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself!

Stop being the victim, stop feeling sorry for yourself – and be happy.

How do I love myself? ›

How to Love Yourself: 20 Ways to Start Loving Yourself Again
  1. Let go of all your regrets and past mistakes.
  2. Don't compare yourself to others.
  3. Do things that make you happy.
  4. Embrace contentment.
  5. Increase positive emotions.
  6. Surround yourself with positive people.
  7. Practice loving-kindness meditation.
  8. Set boundaries.

How can I relax and enjoy life? ›

Just stepping away from something stressful for a few minutes or taking time away from your normal routines and thoughts can give you enough space and distance to feel calmer. Read a book or a magazine, even if it's only for a few minutes. Run yourself a bath, watch a film, play with a pet or try out a new recipe.

What do people enjoy most? ›

Well, maybe you should be social distancing.
  • Puppies. ...
  • Kittens. ...
  • Really just any baby animals.
  • OK, and animals in costumes.
  • Or human babies doing weird tiny-human things.
  • Sipping a warm drink on a cold day. ...
  • Anything that is warm, cheesy, and deliciously gooey. ...
  • Free food—any time, any place.
Apr 1, 2020

How can I enjoy life without money? ›

Whatever your situation, here are 13 fun things to do that don't cost money with friends and family:
  1. Go on a picnic. ...
  2. Go to no-cost museum and zoo days. ...
  3. Give geocaching a try. ...
  4. Leverage your chamber of commerce. ...
  5. Take a historical city tour. ...
  6. Visit a farmers market. ...
  7. Go camping. ...
  8. Do a photography challenge.
Jan 18, 2023

What is the golden rule of happiness? ›

The golden rule of happiness is that “the more you make others happy: the happier you will be”.

What are the 12 steps to happiness? ›

12 Steps to Happiness
  • Do more activities that truly engage you. ...
  • Savor life's joys. ...
  • Learn to forgive. ...
  • Practice acts of kindness. ...
  • Nurture relationships. ...
  • Cultivate optimism. ...
  • Avoid over-thinking and social comparison. ...
  • Develop strategies for coping.
Aug 9, 2012

Are there 3 steps to a happy life? ›

Noticing the good in every day, finding and utilizing strengths, and making time for service can all contribute to improving overall happiness in your life. Share these steps with the people you love to increase their happiness as well.

What makes a woman happy? ›

According to prolific novelist and playwright Weldon, women's sources of happiness are sex, food, friends, family, shopping and chocolate—in that order.

How can my feelings change so fast? ›

In many cases, large shifts in mood are a symptom of a more serious health issue. They can occur due to mental health conditions, hormonal changes, or substance use problems.

How do I feel better emotionally? ›

Build resilience
  1. Develop healthy physical habits. ...
  2. Take time for yourself each day. ...
  3. Look at problems from different angles. ...
  4. Practice gratitude. ...
  5. Explore your beliefs about the meaning and purpose of life. ...
  6. Tap into social connections and community.

How do you feel good mentally? ›

Tips for improving your mental wellbeing
  1. Relax and reduce stress.
  2. Find ways to learn and be creative.
  3. Spend time in nature.
  4. Connect with others.
  5. Look after your physical health.
  6. Try to get enough sleep.

When feelings get too much? ›

Emotional overload often comes from having conflicting feelings, too many feelings happening at once, or not being able to act based on your gut feelings. We have emotions for a reason – they're there to tell us something. Ignoring those feelings doesn't make them go away.

Why do I fall out of love easily? ›

Communication issues and unrealistic expectations are two of the main reasons people find themselves falling out of love. But there are things that can be done to stop the fall. Relationships are hard work; they should be viewed as investments, particularly if there is a marriage.


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