Top 10 Reddit Soccer Subreddits You Should Be Paying Attention To (2023)

1. Main subreddit


Without a doubt, this is the most popular subreddit. With more than 1.2 million subscribers, no other forum is better than the one that talks about football. Speaking of European football, of course, also known as association football or soccer. It's not hard to guess that r/soccer is a general hub that contains thousands of discussions on a wide variety of topics, related to the most popular game on the planet.

With so many aspects involved, it can be difficult to find the topic you are looking for. But for the convenience of users and subscribers, (almost) every day there is a pinned post that provides quick links to various topics about recent or upcoming games, highlights, etc., too, so you don't have to browse through a dozen sports websites to get an idea of ​​what is happening in the world of football.

2. Live Broadcast Center


Don't pretend you've never looked for "pirated" streaming on the Internet. Most football fans do this from time to time, and some prefer to watch "stolen" matches. The truth is that most of you can't afford every game even if you wanted to, so sneaking isn't always such a bad thing.

So it's no wonder that r/soccer streams are happening like this - there are more than 370,000 followers of this channel who use the tools available in the threads. You can read about the safest way to enjoy the game for example via web stream. Unfortunately, this subreddit has fallen on hard times recently - according to the admins, it was "hit by a massive wave of downvotes and bots". So there are no links up there when you open the main page. But at least until a month ago it was considered the best Reddit for streaming. Wait to see if there is a possibility of a rebound.

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3. Watch the highlights


You don't have time to watch the whole game. You need the content of that. That's what strands were invented for. Finding videos of goals and the most exciting situations is not always as easy as it seems. You can try Youtube or check the threads on r/footballhighlights. More than 80,000 people have subscribed to this channel to get the latest links to recaps of recently completed matches.

Uploading a low-quality video won't help. Users can downvote, so don't try. And you can upvote or downvote contributions from other users.

4. Download full games


The purpose of this subreddit is obvious. The themes mostly consist of links to download complete soccer games to your computer. With more than 27,000 subscribers, the voting system is also essential to know which users are posting quality content and which are not.

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5. Betting advisor

r/Kladionice na Nogomet

As there are so many live streaming channels, there are hundreds of subreddits dedicated to soccer predictions. Sports betting has become more intriguing to many than the sport itself. Let's not get into how much the play factor can ruin the beauty of a game. Thousands of people need a betting advisor and at least 31,000 find it on r/SoccerBetting.

The daily featured threads are here to give you tips on games on the afternoon or evening schedule. Advice in the discussion is free, and in fact subscribers share their opinions and give their predictions about certain football matches or events. Also, what can be more useful for users are different sports betting strategies. It's always risky, but some tips can help you succeed.

Hey, don't forget to check out our daily soccer predictionsherealso.

6. Deep game


This might be one of reddit's soccer game gems. His popularity is modest so far - he has 8.3 thousand subscribers interested in more detailed knowledge of strategies and tactics. Topics are published once or twice a month, but it is difficult to maintain a daily rhythm with these topics. Intensity is not the main virtue of this subreddit.

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As the title suggests, r/soccernerd is for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the game of soccer. Here you will find an explanation of what Gegenpressing is or what Zone marking is from all aspects. Anyone who likes the game should check this one out.

7. You'll never be alone on Reddit


Some of the most famous soccer subreddits are dedicated to a specific club. The figures change every day, but at the time of writing the most popular channel is Liverpool FC's Reddit. Over 125,000 "Hoofs" have joined the platform so far to discuss the fate of their favorite Merseyside team. In any case, the other English Premier League is not far behind - 117K follow the page of arch-rivals Manchester United, Chelsea has 111K and Arsenal also have a 6-figure support (103,000) among redditors.

It turns out that Reddit is much less popular among fans of other big clubs. Barcelona (37.7K) and Real Madrid (31.1K) are not discussed there as much as in the real world. German powerhouses FC Bayern (16.1K) and Borussia Dortmund (15.7K) compete against each other, but have a lot to do to catch up with the English clubs.

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8. MLS is more popular here than any other European league


True story. The Reddit platform is much more popular in the United States than in Europe. The previous paragraph might lead you to conclude that the English Premier League page should be the one with the most followers. Compared to La Liga or Serie A, the EPL has more subscribers, but at 52,000 it barely reaches half the number of followers of Major League Soccer. There are almost 100,000 users submitted to r/ml. America's premier soccer competition is growing in popularity and generating more debate than ever before.

9. The World Cup is always relevant

r/World Championship

Football's biggest tournament offers fans a range of topics to discuss for days, weeks or even months. The 2018 FIFA World Cup ended in June and it's still hot enough to talk about. R/worldcup has almost 350 thousand subscribers and with these numbers it is one of the most popular channels on the market.

Scrolling down the page, you can see that the forum is quite general in content. Anyway, the mods insist that the threads have to have something to do with the World Cup to stay there.

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10. Reddit for gamers


Channels and topics are mostly dedicated to fans. In any case, there is a hub where footballers gather to discuss things that interest them. Well, don't expect to find Cristiano Ronaldo or Mohammed Salah posting threads on r/bootroom. That subreddit has almost 15 thousand followers, most of whom are amateur gamers. They talk about training, tactics, injury and treatment issues and things like that.

You can probably enter it to, for example, schedule a game for your neighborhood team. Well, this one might be harder to get, but the question of what boots to wear on a rainy day will be the subject of the answer you're looking for. The main point here is "Up your game".


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