Top 20 most popular songs on TikTok 2021 (2023)

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TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 40 million weekly users. Even Facebook didn't fare well at the height of its usage. However, due to its popularity, there is usually a lot of content posted on this platform and many content creators have found a home here. Typically, the videos you'll find on TikTok are usually accompanied by rather sweet and melodious music or even funny songs to try and explain what the content is about. So what are some of the hottest songs Tik Tok has to offer in 2021? Here's a list.

1. Disco Lines Girl

In 2021 this song was all you would hear when opening your Tik Tok. To be fair though, it's a pretty catchy song and it has a really fun vibe to it. It also gives off 80s retro disco vibes, no wonder it's called Disco Lines. It's not a very long song, but it sure is very catchy.

2. Gee Lee's Coca-Cola e Rum

Another popular Tik Tok song that has taken the streets of Tik Tok by storm. It's a really good song, especially for girl power, as it's about girls wanting to have fun and telling them to move on if the guy doesn't want to. It was very popular with girls who created content related to girl power and sisterhood.

3. Sun and Moon of Anees

Essa música reggaeish era algo. É bastante cativante e muito romântico. Todo casal que procurava valorizar seu parceiro teria essa música repetida. Para ser sincero, dá-lhe aquele ar de sol e alegria que lhe promete boas recordações. bastante nostálgico.

4. Sleazy Flow de SleazyWorld Go

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This song with style and hip hop rhythms was another popular one and it would be very common to see the crowd dripping on Tik Tok. It's also quite a deep song, tackling deep social issues in today's age of social media and technology.

5. My Money, Don't Shake, Shake, Fold by Louis Theroux

I remember seeing so many cute videos of pets and children dancing to the song in an attempt to show how good life is for them. It was a very modern sound on Tik Toj and with good reason. Those who wanted to flex a little and prove that life is very good had this sound as an anthem.

6. In My Head de Lil Tjay

This remix of 'Replay' by Iyaz was another catchy one that really took Tik Tok by surprise. I really can't fault the music. It is very good and even danceable. No wonder everyone on Tik Tok was dancing and dripping. He sure has the vibe and the beats for it. Try to hear it. You will definitely find yourself vibrating and dancing. I promise!

7. Techno and Tequilla from Disco Lines

Another from Disco Lines, this is another song that really caught on in 2021. It has a techno vibe that isn't surprising from the title, but more than anything it's catchy. Most content creators making videos about clubs and clubs would use this sound and it would fit really well. It's a phenomenal song, honestly.

8. Better Without Me by Matt Hansen

See this video on YouTube.

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This song is a little different from the others I mentioned above. It's quite a sad and moving song. Any video that wanted to talk about what could have been and heartbreak had this sound like an anthem. I love the feeling of melancholy it causes. If you've ever had your heart broken, you can resonate very well with music. Hensen did well with this one. I hope one day it goes out and even wins Grammys.

9. Angels don't fuck for Insincere

This is another song with a melancholic vibe. He touches on deeper issues and metaphorically uses the analogy of angels and demons. It's fine by me, but in 2021, however, it broke. It was a very common and popular sound.

10. Bewitched by Isabel LaRosa

This soulful song is another tik tok song that has become very popular in 2021. It is the perfect song to address a “what could have been” situation. This could be the reason why it was popular. After all, everyone can resonate with distress. Whether in the case of unrequited love, being abandoned or betrayed.

11. Icee Pop de Nic D.

I loved this song. I still like it, it has a very catchy vibe and above all very danceable. You can easily sing it and improve your mood. The funny thing about it is that it's kind of sad but happy at the same time. I can't say what I feel every time this song plays.

12. Maytag de Ben Reilly

This hip-hop song was also a bit. Every aspiring rapper on Tik Tok has used this sound. I can't blame them. It really is such a catchy song. You can rub, drip and definitely dance while having fun at the same time. I love how Ben played with the hip-hop genre in this one.

13. Maddie Zahm's Fat Funny Friend

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I definitely remember this song! Every Tik Tok video I found using this sound would be absolutely heartbreaking. Why? Because it's definitely identifiable. Any girl who has ever been ignored or ignored by the opposite sex while her best friend got all the attention because she's prettier and more perfect can definitely relate to this. Most of the videos had girls crying while making the content. Oh man! So touching!

14. Playboy by Jx. Zero

This song that embraced the hip-hop genre was also a very popular Tik Tok video in 2021. It gives it a more gangster atmosphere and I bet that's why it caught on. Every playboy in the book definitely identified with the song's lyrics and that's why everyone was so excited to make content with that sound as a sound.

15. Abcdefu por Gayle

This is really a cute and soulful song. She is actually talking about a scenario where she was manipulated and has now moved on. I love how he used the letters of the alphabet basically for this person who broke his heart! That's why I think it's cute even though it's a song that basically helps you channel your anger towards that person who broke your heart.

16. Pope is a rock star by SALES

This song was another popular one and I totally understand why. I love the 80's punk rock it gives and the nostalgic feeling I get from listening to it. I remember most of the videos I clicked on on Tik Tok had this catchy song added as the sound. Especially the intro with smooth guitar and drums. This song would definitely be perfect for a long drive on a sunny day with the wind in your face and hair. I can already imagine.

17. I used to worry about Louyah

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This song is without a doubt the best danceable and very catchy song I know on Tik Tok. It's ironic, I know, since it's more of a soulful song, but it's a really good song. The beats and vibe he has is quite infectious. You will definitely find yourself singing along with him. I also love the way he talks about moving on and forgetting everyone you decided to let go of in the past. Any Tik Tok video that wanted to happily talk about moving on and not having any regrets sounded like this.

18. Planes and what's my name? by Nat Amanda

This song was brilliantly done. The mixture of two very beautiful and popular songs resulted in this masterpiece. What's more, the melancholic feeling it gives thanks to the violins playing in the background makes it even more beautiful. It's not a long song, but it will really blow your mind once you hear it.

19. Good 4 You by Olivia Rodrigo

Any Tik Tok content trying to pretend they didn't care because their ex-lover left had this anthemic sound. I love how the song embraces how hard it can sometimes be to move on and even though we pretend an "I couldn't care less" attitude, the truth is that deep down it hurts.

20th Anniversary of Heartbreak for Giveon

This is a typical heartbreak song and it really broke the internet. As I mentioned before, anyone can resonate with heartbreak, and therefore any song that talks about heartbreak will automatically be accepted. This song was no exception. Any video that wanted to remember heartbreak definitely had this sound in their videos.

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